WATCH: White Teacher Drags Black 7-Year-Old Off The Bus By His Legs

Disturbing video footage from a school bus shows a white teacher harshly pulling a black child by his legs while he screams in pain.


Students from Robert R. Church Elementary School were sitting in a school bus when suddenly a teacher, who happened to be white, grabbed a black 7-year-old boy and dragged him off the bus.  

The disturbing footage shot by another student on the bus captured the teacher harshly treating the black kid, while he screamed in pain and called for his mother. Other students cowered in their seats, terrified by their teacher. The boy’s mother wasn’t informed about the distressing situation that took place on April 12, until another parent got in touch with and sent her the video.

“Another parent of a child at the school contacted me Friday evening. She said she had video of the teacher dragging my son off the school bus,” said Kimberly Hardin. “Her son recorded it.”

When Hardin’s son initially told her about the horror he faced in the school bus, she didn’t believe him. “I feel bad. I didn’t believe my child,” she said.

According to the school, the teacher was supposedly trying to settle a fight between students. But that is not what happens in the video. No one is sitting with the unnamed boy on the bus.

The unidentified teacher’s harsh behavior left the boy with injuries. “He had a concussion and his back was bruised,” lamented Hardin, adding that he doesn't want to go to school anymore.

The school is investigating the incident while the unnamed teacher has been suspended.

“An employee from Robert R. Church Elementary is being investigated based on reports of forcibly removing a student from a bus while breaking up a fight last week,” Shelby County Schools said in a statement. “We take any report involving student safety very seriously, and immediately reported this situation to the appropriate authorities. Per standard District procedure, this employee has been removed from the school while the matter is being investigated.”

No one knows what actually happened before the teacher dragged the boy off the bus. However, this brutal treatment by a teacher toward the student is just unacceptable. Not only did the teacher physically injure Hardin’s son, he also traumatized all the other students in the bus.

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