Comedian Claims White Guy Called Him The N-Word Because Trump Won

“Black men are going to have to figure out how to deal with such out-in-the-open expressions of racism.”

Comedian Jon Laster was so frustrated he wanted to hit a white man when he called him the n-word.

The horrible incident took place at the Gotham Comedy Club in Chelsea, Manhattan just a week after the election.

Laster recalled that his anger went to a “boiling point”, when a white middle aged man came up to him after the show and said, “Man you were really funny, and you're black!"

The comedian and the people around him were naturally uneasy; they tried to awkwardly wave the remark off.

But the man was in no mood to stop with his rant, "Since Trump won the election," he continued.

 "There's a lot America needs to reconsider. We need to put that 'politically correct' stuff to bed; now I should be able to call you 'nigger.'" 

At this moment Laster wanted to punch the man, but maintained calm and left the club.

Laster took this incident to Facebook and asked others to voice their opinions and advise him on how to deal with such a situation.

“This white audience member after the show this weekend called me a "nigger." I blacked out for a second and decided to try and break his jaw. He said since Trump was president the country decided we can all start saying what we wanna saying again and 'decide' what's right and wrong, as if he didn't know. After he saw the look on my face he tried to take it back,” read the post.

Laster mentioned that he didn’t want to be perceived as a bad guy in the comedy club in front of his audience.

“As I stepped to the side to punch him I almost bumped into my friend Anne, and that snapped me out of it. I had to think of what she and my friends Gary Vider and and Mark Normand would have been thinking as I started beating this shit out of this guy! I could see me looking like the bad guy punching a customer in the basement of a comedy club,” he continued.

“We as black men are gonna have to figure out how to deal with this. Please black men feel free to hit me with serious suggestions because this is the tip of the iceberg of what's headed our way... I've spent the entire weekend disgusted that we have to deal with this and disgusted that I didn't break his jaw, it's not an Alabama problem.

He lamented that Trump supporters boasting his victory have started targeting black people everywhere.

“These type of Trump peeps are here in Manhattan, Williamsburg in comedy clubs and on comedy stages. I have neither the energy or the desire to spend every weekend in jail nor do I wanna feel this mistrust of white comrades either, knowing that more than half of white men and WOMEN voted for this abomination of a hateful human being. I hope some sensible black men inbox me with some suggestions.”

Laster hit badly with this incident removed all political jokes from his act.

“It’s just not worth it,” he said.

“I don’t want to throw barbs out there, pissing people off without really adding anything to the conversation.”

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