Black Customers In Berlin Kicked Out Of KFC For 'Laughing’

“We were the only black people in the restaurant and we were the only ones asked to be quieter, even though other people laughed, too.”



A recent incident in Berlin, Germany, is proof racial hatred isn’t only prevalent in the United States but it is increasing worldwide.

A group of black customers were reportedly kicked out of a KFC restaurant in Berlin, Germany, for being “disruptive.” The group of three women and four men were enjoying a meal when police arrived at the premises and asked them to leave.

 A video of the incident shows a member of the group asked the officers, “I'm eating my food at KFC and someone says to me I have to leave. Basically, they're tryna tell me that I have to take it outside.”

“Yes,” the cop replied.

A woman, who filmed the incident, then asked the officer why they have to eat outside when they paid for it inside. The officer didn’t answer her question and told her to stop recording.

The group then exited the restaurant leaving behind their food. As they walked away, the officer followed them and told them to stop there and show him their passports.

One of the group members then told him that their passports are in the hotel room and they aren’t carrying them.

“I don't believe you. You will get searched,” said the officer.

They are later allowed to leave after they showed their passports to the police officer.

Now, the customers are accusing police of racism.

“Racial treatment in Berlin in KFC, we were jus [just] having something to eat n chatting #racismstillexist #neverexperiencethatbefore,” read a caption of a video uploaded by one of the customers.

According to Kelon Pierr, one of the group members, a staff member of the restaurant gave them a choice to be quieter or leave the store. That is when they asked them why were they being targeted.

“We ordered food for 118 euros … Other guests around us also chatted and laughed. That’s why I asked: Why are you only speaking to us? We were the only black people in the restaurant and we were the only ones asked to be quieter, even though other people laughed, too,” he said.

The group was reportedly on a tourism trip to Germany from Britain.

On the other hand, the city’s police department rejected the allegations and said police was called in to act on an incident of vandalism. When they arrived at the location, the restaurant’s staff told them that a group of people refused to leave the store. They also added they had insulted the food chain’s employees and even threw food.

The police spokesperson added the customers were given a warning by the employees to leave the store because “behavior alarmed several individuals.” However, police was alerted after they refused to leave.

Berlin police department later announced it would press charges against the customer who uploaded the video of the incident to social media because it violates the officers’ privacy laws.

The restaurant also released a statement in wake of the incident and defended their employees.

“Our employees come from different cultures and have various faiths. Of course, every guest is welcome (at our stores) across the globe — regardless of their origins, their religion or skin color,” read the statement.

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