Black Ferguson Activist Found Shot Dead In Burning Car

Prominent black activist Darren Seals was murdered and his car was set ablaze, which has prompted many people to question who is behind his death.


Black activist Darren Seals was found shot to death inside of a burning car in St. Louis County on Tuesday, Mic Reports.

Seals, 29, was a prominent figure in the Ferguson protests following the 2014 shooting death of Michael Brown.

Although Seals was an activist, he was very vocal about his criticisms of the Black Lives Matter movement.

In a recent tweet he said, “#BlackLivesMatter people did to Ferguson what white people did to mother Africa, come in steal all our resources then leave us for dead .. smh.”

He reportedly worked closely with the group “Hands Up United,” and used his social media presence to express his feelings and thoughts on current events surrounding race relations.

Fellow activists took to Twitter to pay tribute to Seals and honor his work for social justice.

It’s easy to make enemies when you refuse to stay silent. Seals was a self-proclaimed revolutionary and fighter.

He often tweeted about police brutality, including one post from a few months ago in which he detailed a hostile encounter he had with detectives while he was driving with his 14-year-old brother.

It was also said that Seals spent his final days being harassed by St. Louis police, which has prompted suspicions that this was an orchestrated modern-day lynching or “assassination” of sorts.

He was found inside the blazing vehicle just 12 miles from his home. His death is reportedly being investigated as a homicide, although St. Louis authorities haven’t released a possible motive or suspect information.

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