Black Firefighter Demoted After Complaining About Racism At Work

A black firefighter saved lives during a blaze in March, but instead of hailing him as a hero, his racist bosses demoted him in a blatant display of racism.

A black firefighter saved people from an active blaze in March. At that time he was hailed as a hero, but within a few months his boss demoted him despite his act of bravery – just because of the color of his skin.

Roben Duge was walking home when he spotted a fire in his next-door neighbor’s house. He was off-duty at that time but without wasting a second, he rushed into the house to rescue people stuck in the house.

“He ran into the house and he just pulled the kids and [the grandmother] and pulled them out,” said the father of the children at that time. "Good thing he's there when it happened."

Now, in what appears to be a case of racial profiling, Duge who was applauded for saving two children and their grandmother from the fire, instead of being promoted, got demoted .

Instead of fighting fires, he is made to drive trucks for the department.

Duge has filed a lawsuit against his bosses who discriminated him because of his race.

It all started after Duge got transferred to a firehouse in a Brooklyn neighborhood. The firefighter wanted to gain more experience so he joined the busier Brooklyn neighborhood, but that firehouse was operated by Daniel Florenco – a white man.

Florenco was allegedly not happy with Duge’s transfer as he told him he should have stayed in his own neighborhood. Duge claims in the lawsuit, he was disrespected “because of his race and color” and his boss treated him as an unimportant employee at the Brooklyn firehouse 

The white man is accused of discriminating not only against Duge but all the other black firefighters in the department. He did not give them metal plates that are placed on firefighter’s helmet to identify their firehouse.

Moreover, he also misrepresented policies to black workers depriving them of their right of a time off.

This isn’t where the discrimination finished, Florenco also allegedly forced Duge to leave his firehouse.  But when he refused, another white man spewed racial slurs at him, “If this were back in the day, you would have been punched in the face for refusing to transfer out,” he said according to the lawsuit.

In Trump’s America, racism is on the rise where white people generally feel entitled of mistreating people of color. Just recently, two African-American models claim they were reportedly turned away from casting during Miami Swim Week because of the color of their skin.

Models Joia Talbott and Kacey Leggett said they were discriminated against because of their race. Talbott said she and Kacey along with 10 to 15 other black models were waiting in the casting line during the swim week when they were told that casting was closed. However, when they came out of the line, they saw the line was open for casting again.

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