Lawsuit Alleges White Boys Tied Rope Around Black Student's Neck

Students at a Texas school placed a rope around an African-American girl’s neck, claiming it was an accident while the school faces a legal lawsuit.

Recently, white students at Live Oak Classical School in Waco, Texas, allegedly bullied a black student by wrapping a rope around her neck, dragging her around, according to The Daily Beast.

The girl, identified as KP, was on an overnight field trip to Germer Ranch with over 20 other classmates when three white boys allegedly wrapped a rope around her neck.

The rope was tied to the seat of a swing-created to make it simpler for children to push themselves while swinging away.

After wrapping the rope around her neck, the white boys pushed her to the ground. 

None of the adult chaperones on the trip witnessed the incident.

The rope left a large burn mark on KP’s skin in which the student was given Motrin and Vaseline for her neck after being informed of what happened.

KP’s mother was angered by the occurrence and removed her daughter from the school and is currently suing Live Oak Classical School for $3 million, due to negligence and emotional distress.

KP has a long history of being bullied by her classmates in which the school’s principal Allison Buras claimed another incident as being an “accident.”

African American girl

Most children are known to be innocent and free of biased opinions.

Why is it that nowadays, children are becoming possibly more racist than adults and are succumbing to physical violence to showcase their racism?

It’s a shame that minorities, which include the African-American community, are treated like second-class citizens and are continuously being branded as animals.

Banner Image Credit: HLN, YouTube screenshot 

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