Mom’s Secret Camera Discovers How 5YO Child Was Bullied By Teacher

Aaron Escotto was behaving unusually, calling himself a “bay boy.” Later, he revealed that his teacher called him that when he did not do his work.

A mother was suspicious about her son’s unusual behavior after he returned back from school. She assumed he was being bullied and complained to the principal. However, she had no proof to justify her son’s situation, so she came up with a unique solution to discover if he was being bullied.

Kandy Escotto noticed her 5-year-old son was not being himself. He used to come back from school and call himself a “bad boy” while completing his homework. When she asked Aaron why he was calling himself bad, he replied, “That’s what the teacher tells me when I don’t do my work.”

At this point, Escotto just knew that her son was being bullied, so she complained to Banyan Elementary’s school Principal Cheri Davis about Aaroon’s kindergarten teacher, Rosalba Suarez.

The 33-year-old teacher was a recipient of the “Teacher of the Year” award, so she must have been a fantastic teacher — except the fact that she wasn’t.

Davis told Escotto he could not warn the teacher without any proofs. So Escotto decided to take matters in her own hands. She couldn’t just let anyone bully and discriminate against her son.

Escotto sent Aaron to the school with a secret camera in his backpack for four days. Naturally there is no video footage of what happened in the classroom, but the audio clearly proves what a bully Suarez was.

In the audio of the footage, the “so-called” teacher called the child a loser, while yelling at him because he did not know the difference between bubbling and circling.

She further humiliated the child, “You’re mom is going to come and see this, I don’t know what to tell your mom. I have no idea how to help her,” she told Aaron in a staunch tone.

“What does your mom want to see? She wants to see a man’s job or she wants to see a loser’s job,” she said at one point in the audio.

She then went ahead and started being judgmental to Escotto. “I feel sorry for your mom. I really do, she’s a little lost.” 

This was naturally disturbing for Escotto. “For me to hear the things that she was saying to him,” she said. “She picked him out, she singled him out, she humiliated him in front of the whole class. She talked about me in front of him. No 5-year-old should be able to go through that. That affected my family, affected him.”

“It was very upsetting being that I myself heard what was being said to a little boy,” Escotto said.

She wanted to set a meeting with the teacher and principal, but alarmingly, the management failed to take any corrective actions towards the teacher’s clear case of bullying. After Escotto hired an attorney, Aaron’s classroom was shifted.

The principal and teacher have not commented on the situation. “We work diligently to ensure the well-being of every child entrusted to our care. Any action that runs contrary to the values we instill in our school community will not be tolerated. The district will conduct a thorough review of this matter and, if the allegations are substantiated, we will take any and all appropriate disciplinary actions,” said Spokeswoman Jackie Calzadilla for Miami-Dade County school district.

Note to Suarez: teachers are supposed to educate kids with patience and diligence in a dignified way. But if you don’t have the temperament to deal with children as young as 5 years of age, it’s time for you to quit.

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