Black Judge Makes White Defendant Never Want To Use The N-Word Again

A white Kentucky man will likely think twice about using racial slurs after getting an extended jail sentence for disrespecting a black judge.

Mistakenly believing he had nothing to lose, a Kentucky man named Adam Satterly decided to start spewing racial slurs in court at a black judge after his bond on drug charges was revoked.

While being escorted out of the courtroom after Jefferson Circuit Court Judge Olu Stevens gave his ruling, Satterly exclaimed “Punk a** n***er!” into the courtroom.

Stevens wasn’t going to let that fly. He asked sheriff’s deputies to bring Satterly back and confronted him.

Satterly tried to backpedal by claiming he “didn’t mean it like that” and that he was directing the comments to his brother, not the judge. Mind you Satterly is white, so that brother excuse wasn’t too believable.

Judge Stevens didn’t buy Satterly’s explanation either and as a result of yelling such an obscenity, 60 days were added to his jail sentence and he was held in contempt of court.

Stevens has actually been criticized for calling out the racism he’s experienced as a judge, such as when he accused a couple who were victims of an armed robbery of “fostering” the views of their young daughter who said she’s scared of black men after two black men held their family at gunpoint.

Stevens was vocal about the fact that he felt offended by that “fear” because if the robbers had been white, chances are it wouldn’t have prompted the 5-year-old to become fearful of all white men. People have called for him to be removed from the bench based on his responses to racial tensions. 

As for Satterly, he reportedly  had his extended sentence reduced after apologizing profusely. 

Watch the incident unfold in the video below. 

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