Cops Make Black Man Crawl On The Floor Over False Robbery Accusation

"I saw was guns pointed at my babies' daddy, and he was on the ground. I didn't know if they had already shot him," lamented his girlfriend.

Another day, another story of police using excessive force against a black man who was innocent.

Dorian Johnson went to a T-Mobile store on Blackstone Avenue just north of Shaw Avenue, because his uncle wanted a cover for his iPhone. Little did the 26-year-old know that he would be subjected to racial profiling at the store.

It all started when an employee at T-Mobile made a call to 911 falsely accusing Johnson of robbery.

Disturbing footage taken by Johnson’s uncle, Vincent Lemar, show a police officer pointing a gun at him, forcing the man to crawl on his stomach.

The young black man had no idea why he was getting such inhumane treatment — but still he followed all their orders.

Johnson’s girlfriend, who was unaware of the situation, was at the store to buy donuts and milk for the couple’s two children. She was shocked to see her boyfriend being subjected to such horror.

“All I saw was guns pointed at my babies' daddy, and he was on the ground. I didn't know if they had already shot him," Gloria Bush said. "I said, 'Tell me what's going on. I know he's a good man. I know he wasn't here with bad intentions."

Lemar, who was recording this episode of racial profiling from the mobile shop, told Bush to go back. Johnson also got panicked and told his girl to stay calm. "Calm down babe, let them do what they gotta do," he said, as an officer with a gun pointed towards him said “keep coming."

The video then cuts after police officer ask Johnson’s uncle to come out of the store. But the audio was still on and recorded everything.

One of the officers can be heard asking Johnson if he had a gun. "What are you guys doing in there?" asked another officer.

"Just trying to get a new phone," Lemar replied.

The officers then told Bush to stay back, saying "Wait a second and we'll explain, OK.”

“We got called here, OK, we didn’t just randomly show up here," said another one.

Police officers detained both the black men, only to release them afterwards. They could not arrest them because naturally neither Lemar nor Johnson went to the mobile store with the intention of robbery.

Acting Fresno Deputy Police Chief Dennis Bridges said the cops were responding to a 911 call, however the store did not provide ample information before hanging up.

“The officers were going into it with limited information,” Bridges said. “It would be like how they would respond if a robbery alarm button was pushed and when they called the business back, they didn’t get an answer. They could assume they didn’t answer because they were being robbed.”

T-Mobile did not reach out to the men to apologize, neither have they given any information as to why one of their employees wanted to accuse a black man of robbery. When they were clearly at the shop to buy a mobile-phone cover.

“I don’t see what made them call, and what would have given them the suspicion they were going to get robbed. We weren’t up to anything,” Johnson said. “It’s just crazy. I don’t understand. Nobody hasn’t once come and apologized for what happened.”

Naturally, had a white person been falsely accused of a crime, the police’s line of treatment would have been completely different.  In 2017, police killed 1,129 people, of which 27 percent were African Americans, even though they make up just about 13 percent of the total U.S. population.

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