Black Man Calls 911 To Report Carjacking, Cops 'Mistakenly' Shoot Him

An Indiana black man was shot by police at his own home after calling them out to investigate a robber who assaulted his wife and tried to steal their vehicle.


Something has got to give. Yet another innocent black man in the United States has been shot by police after he and his wife called 911 to report a carjacking.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) has deemed the situation a “tragic incident,” which occurred when one of their “experienced” officers mistook a woman’s husband for a suspected carjacker, The Guardian reports.

Carl Williams, 48, is now in the hospital clinging on to his life after being gunned down at his own home.

"First and foremost this is a tragic incident, involving a homeowner attempting to protect his family and the IMPD officers trying to do the same thing,” said IMPD assistant chief Randal Taylor.

"And of course our thoughts and prayers are certainly with the homeowner and the family, who was mistakenly shot by our officer and we wish him a quick recovery,” he added.

Apparently, the Williams’s called 911 around 4 report that Mrs. Williams had been assaulted by a “black male in a red shirt armed with a rifle,” who took their car keys and stole their black Nissan Sentra.

Two night shift officers were sent to the scene. They reportedly saw a black car with its headlights shining in the driveway and attempted to approach the vehicle “quietly and tactically.”

Mr. Williams apparently startled the officers when he opened the garage door while holding his own gun, and one of them fired a shot that hit Mr. Williams in the abdomen.

According to Raw Story, the carjacker did try to steal the car, but couldn’t figure out how to start it so he fled on foot, which was unknown to officers at the time.

The police department claims its officers were also not previously made aware that Williams had a weapon on him, so they mistook him for the suspect.

“They made observations based on information known at that time,” Taylor said. “The time of day, the early morning hours and low level lighting caused vision to be limited. The officers involved were forced to make a split second decision based on the information and totality of the circumstances known at the time.”

Of course, this incident has raised eyebrows and sparked outrage as the shootings of black males by police have become alarmingly frequent.

Adding insult to injury, officers who commit these acts often go unpunished and get to keep their jobs.

The racial disparity is evident, of the nearly 700 people who have been shot by police just this year, there have been approximately four times more black victims than white ones, The Guardian reports.

A recent incident that shows the clear double standard in how police handle situations involving blacks compared to whites is the case of a white college student who stabbed a couple to death and proceeded to try to eat one of his victims’ faces.

This terrifying, murderous, flesh-eating man was detained by police unharmed yet; minorities are being shot dead for traffic stops, minor infractions, and in Williams’ case — for no reason at all. 

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