Racist Hotel Clerk Calls Black Guest A 'F***ing Monkey'

The racist hotel clerk called the black guest a f***ing monkey and a d**k when he asked for a refund after a wrong room was given to him.


A hotel clerk at Country Inns and Suites in Newport News, Virginia, was caught on video spewing racial slurs at a black guest. 

Irby Fogleman’s sister recorded the disturbing video in which the hotel clerk, identified as Duane, can be seen calling her brother a f***ing monkey and a d**k.

Fogleman was visiting the hotel with his mother-in-law and had requested a non-smoking room but the room assigned to them was the one where smoking was allowed. Fogleman told the clerk, who was white, the room given to them smelled of cigarettes and demanded a refund.

But, instead of apologizing for his mistake, Duane started yelling at Fogleman.

"Please get off my property. Because you are rude," he said.

Fogleman tried explaining to the clerk that his complaint should be taken seriously and he shouldn’t be told to exit the hotel. But that didn’t have an effect on Duane. “Think I knew it was smoked in?" he asked. "Get your family and get out," he yelled, without being sorry for the inconvenience caused.

 He then called Fogleman a “f***ing monkey” for recording the video without his permission.  And this isn’t where the absurdity ends; when Fogleman told the clerk he was being racist, he called him a “d**k.”

Radisson Hotels, the corporate parent company of Country Inns and Suites, apologized for the incident. They said Duane was suspended and the incident was being investigated. 

“Thank you for bringing this video to our attention. We are immediately conducting an investigation into this incident at our Country Inn & Suites by Radisson in Newport News, Virginia, an independently owned and operated property,” the company stated, adding that such behavior was not acceptable at their hotels.

Such incidents of discrimination against people of color are increasing day by day. Just recently, a white man was caught on video calling a black woman a “f***ing monkey” for unknown reasons. All these disturbing incidents are drawing a picture of America becoming a less tolerant nation, which is unsafe for anyone whose skin color isn’t white.

Thumbnail/Banner Image: Reuters, Marcos Brindicci

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