Black Man Gets Arrested For ‘Loitering’ In His Own Apartment Complex

“How am I loitering if I live on this property?” Jaquon Dean asked in the video. “You don’t know if I’m fixing my car if I’m waiting to leave or not, so why are you walking up saying I’m loitering?”



After several notorious incident of white people calling cops on African Americans for campaigning in their own districtgrilling in the parkfalling asleep in a university common arealeaving an AirBnb residencemowing neighbor’s lawnconducting city-mandated inspections and swimming  in a community pool, a security guard-turned-Republican candidate in Indianapolis decided to take matter in his own hands and approached an unsuspecting black man, posing as a police officer.

An area resident named Jaquon Dean was working on his car in the parking lot of his own apartment complex when James Reynolds made his way towards him, wearing a vest with the word “police” emblazoned on it. He asked Dean for his ID and accused him of loitering.

That’s when the 21-year-old decided to film the whole thing.

“How am I loitering if I live on this property?” Dean asked the Reynolds in the video. “You don’t know if I’m fixing my car, if I’m waiting to leave or not. So why is you walking up saying I’m loitering?”

He also refused to show his ID.

Reynolds, who asserted he was a not a “fake police officer” as Dean had argued, then asked him if he knew the “definition of loitering?”

“Get on Google right now and look up the definition of the word,” he said.

Interestingly, had Reynolds himself Googled the word, he would have learned loitering can only happen in a public place – and, as Dean himself had asked, how can one loiter at their own property?

However, as such incidents tend to do, the situation escalated after two officers from Southport Police Department arrived at the scene. According to ABC affiliate RTV, the confrontation turned physical and Dean allegedly suffered a nerve injury.

“I have no feeling in my hand,” he said.

Dean, who believed he was a victim of racial profiling, was eventually arrested for resisting arrest and “refusing to identify” – a class C Misdemeanor in Indiana.

It is important to note Reynolds runs a security company named Reynolds Security Consulting Corp. and serves a reserve officer for the town of Sheridan. Moreover, he is also reportedly running as a Republican candidate for Hendricks County Council.

“It's on social media and outlets and all that, just to make it clear the original officer on this does not and has not ever worked for the Southport Police Department,” clarified Southport Police Chief Thomas Vaughn.

As reported by WTHR, Dean was later released from jail.

Menawhile, the police department is reportedly investigating the incident.

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