Black Man Shames Cop For Allegedly Drawing Gun During Traffic Stop

“Do you feel empowered now?” the motorist asked the officer who stopped him for a minor traffic infraction but allegedly approached the car with his gun drawn.

An unnamed black motorist has gone viral after sharing a video of himself passionately addressing an officer who allegedly approached his vehicle with his gun drawn during a traffic stop.

According to Vibe, the video was initially posted on the popular WorldStarHipHop website. The clip doesn’t show the officer pointing his weapon at the man but begins with the motorist questioning why he pulled his firearm out when all he had done was failed to use his turn signal.

“Do you feel empowered now,” the driver asked the officer who looked rather embarrassed as he stood at the driver’s side window while the angry motorist unloaded his frustration on him.

The driver made it very clear that he wasn’t disputing being pulled over by the officer for the minor infraction, but he expressed strong contempt for the gun that was pulled on him.

“If you just came to the car and did your regular routine, I would’ve had no issue. I turn around and I see a f**king gun pointed in my face,” the clearly exasperated driver shouted.

The video from WorldStarHipHop was shared on Twitter by a man under the handle, "@Choco_Optimus." 

WARNING: Video contains strong language that may be unsuitable for some viewers. 

The mere fact that this man even got away with shaming this officer's conduct for two minutes without being beaten, arrested, or shot is a miracle in itself.

But the notion that his words actually resonated with the cop, who remained calm and attentive the entire time, shows that United States law enforcement officers and civilians can come to a point of mutual understanding without violence.

The officer appears to have realized he was wrong and knew that the driver was justified in his outrage.

Banner/Thumbnail Photo Credit: Flickr, dwightsghost via Creative Commons 

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