Black Man Survives Police Shooting, Only To Be Chained To Hospital Bed

“Why? I didn’t do nothing to you or did anything," said Lyndo Jones who was shot last week and chained to a hospital bed for six days.



Lyndo Jones of Arlington, Texas, is the latest innocent black police brutality victim to make headlines after being shot for, essentially, no reason at all.

According to the Dallas Observer, Jones was struggling with the alarm of his own pick-up truck in a parking lot when he was shot by Mesquite Police Officer Derick Wiley.

He was shot twice, once in his stomach and the other in his back, according to local ABC affiliate WFAA.

“I don’t know why somebody would do that,” Jones said after being released from Baylor Medical Center in Dallas on Tuesday. “Why? I didn’t do nothing to you or did anything. Why? That’s what I want to know.”

While neither Jones nor Wiley has publicly recounted how the incident played out, Mesquite Police Lt. Brian Parrish claimed Wiley was responding to a call about a car alarm going off around 7 p.m. Jones’ car was purportedly the only vehicle in the specified area.

When Wiley arrived on the scene, “Mr. Jones didn't give the officer ample opportunity to start an investigation," Parrish claimed, resulting in a struggle between the two men.

Two other officers eventually showed up to help Wiley restrain Jones as the struggle continued even after Wiley shot Jones twice.

However, Jones' attorney, Lee Merritt, shared a very different account of what occurred. The lawyer issued a press release claiming that Jones was inside his truck after a minor traffic accident and couldn’t get his alarm to turn off when he was first approached by Wiley. The officer instructed him to get out of the vehicle, and when Jones obliged and tried to explain what was going on, Wiley shot him in the abdomen.

As for the backup officers who arrived on site, Merritt claimed they “attacked Mr. Jones and tried to perform an anal cavity search.” When Jones tried to break away from the “unlawful sodomy,” he was shot once more in the back.

Making matters worse, once Jones was taken to Baylor to treat his wounds, he was handcuffed to his hospital bed until being released on Tuesday night at which point the Dallas County District Attorney's Office rejected the charges against him, according to Merritt.


The news of Jones' ordeal caught the attention of prominent social justice activist Shaun King, who took to Twitter to express his shock and dismay.  



The sliver lining in this troubling case is that Jones survived his wounds and is alive to tell his side of the story, which is often not the outcome of these frequent police shootings

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