Black Millionaire And Son Discover Note With N-Word In Hotel Room

The father and son duo found the offensive note on one of the bedside lamps upon returning to their room from breakfast. It read, “You’re a N****R.”

While vacationing in Florida, a black millionaire and his son, who is a Manhattan consultant, were targeted with racial mistreatment in their own hotel room.

Frank and Michael Davis were staying at the so-called upscale Art Ovation Hotel in Sarasota. However, it seems that the high-end hotel still attracts low class scum because someone managed to enter their room and leave a post-it note that read, “You’re a N****R,” according to The New York Post.

The father and son duo found the offensive note on one of the bedside lamps upon returning to their room from breakfast.

“I was stone cold for 30 to 40 seconds when I read the note,” Michael Davis, 27, a consultant for a financial firm, told The New York Post.

He added: “My first thought was, what did we do to deserve this? We tipped well; we were beyond nice to all the staff.”

They ultimately called the police and the front desk upon discovering the hateful message.

Ironically, Frank Davis, 58, has made efforts through his work to promote diversity. For example, he has donated $5 million to his former college, Bucknell University, to go toward a new building and minority recruitment.

“It is critical that we all be champions for diversity and inclusion every day,” he said after the disheartening experience.

Unfortunately, the hotel — which is part of the Marriott chain — was not particularly accommodating to the Davis family. Although they refunded the Marriott points that the family used for the trip, they would not move them to another reasonable location. The family was forced to check into a hotel two hours away.

“The whole experience has been very awful and saddening. Despite our best efforts to be friendly, welcoming guests, someone chose to hate us simply for the color of our skin,” said Michael Davis.

Since then, a Marriott vice president reportedly called Michael Davis to apologize. Additionally, a spokesperson for the hotel said it was planning to hold sensitivity trainings for the Sarasota location, maintaining that “The matter is being actively investigated and appropriate actions will be taken.”

The person responsible for this shouldn't be too hard to find. There should be cameras in the hallways — especially in an upscale hotel — that would show any and everyone who entered and exited the Davis' room that day.

Hopefully the hotel's "appropriate actions" include tracking the culprit down as opposed to just offering some freebies to the family in hopes of letting bygones be bygones. If an employee is to blame, they should be fired immediately. If a racist guest managed to sneak into the room, they ought to be banned from all hotels associated with the Marriott chain. 

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