Black Man Who Left Trump Fan Stranded Racial Slurs — And Praise

“I was going to help her but she has a #Trump sticker on her car. #CallYoPresident,” wrote Brown above the picture of the car banked in the snow.

An Ohio man is receiving scorn — as well as applause — after he recalled an incident on Facebook about not helping a Donald Trump supporter in need.

Earlier this month, when Ohio received a blast of arctic chill, Troy Brown was driving when he spotted a car stuck in the snow. He decided to help out the person, but as soon as he got close to the car and saw a Trump sticker on it, all thoughts of being a Good Samaritan flew out of his head.

“I was going to help her but she has a #Trump sticker on her car. #CallYoPresident,” Brown wrote above the picture of the car banked in the snow and posted it on Facebook.

He also wrote that he did not support “Trump supporters, rapists, trafficking or murderers. I believe in peace and harmony. Trump didn’t display that.”

In addition, he also left a sarcastic list for Trump supporters about who to call for help when in trouble.

Since Brown recounted the incident, he has become a hero to people with lesser morals.

You’re awesome!!!!” said a commenter on Facebook.

Others, most of them Trump supporters, have slammed him for leaving the woman stranded on the road.

“Congratulations on being a piece of trash. Signed, Legal East Indian immigrant and proud Donald Trump supporter,” said user Vivek Saxena.

“Piece of black s***,” another user said.

Others have said that people are criticizing Brown just because he was African American.

“It's funny how all these white people are so upset about this why? I think he should've perhaps helped her then I also understand why he didn't but he really should've but why y'all being racist? How many of you degraded Obama the last 8 years? I know a lot of y'all did because I can see it in your racist comments,” said user Joyce Thomas.

Brown’s moral compass also seems to be mislaid.

The incident occurred when many states in America experienced record-breaking frigid weather, including places where temperature coupled with the wind chill factor dropped to minus 55 degrees.

It is understandable if he, as a black man, was afraid of helping a Trump supporter because of the current racial divisiveness in the country. Some people did express this concern:

“Yeah how that work out for him how do you know she wouldn't have pulled out a gun and shot him because he black. Not all trump supporters are racist, but a lot don't care about other races otherwise they wouldn't have voted for him,” said user Kevin Batista. “No person that was disgusted with his antics would vote for him keep that in mind next time you try to save a scared white woman on a lonely rode.(sic)”

However, that woman was also somebody’s mother, sister or daughter and could have been in grave danger, and to brag about it proudly on social media forums to get some form of petty revenge, is just wrong.

As the very wise Michelle Obama says, “When they go low, we go high.”

In this time of racial divisiveness, people should try to build bridges, not walls.

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