White Classmate Punches Black Boy, Calls Him A N****r

“You are not ensuring me that you can keep my son safe,” the victim's mother said of the inadequate response from the school.

The mother of an 11-year-old boy, who was subjected to racial bullying by a white classmate, wants answers from the school’s administration.

Nivre Robinson was attacked by a white student at the Ridley Middle School in Ridley Park, Pennsylvania. According to his mother, Liante Robinson, the white classmate also punched his son during an argument, reported WTXF-TV.

“As they were going inside the classroom, the student then said to my son, ‘That’s why you are a n*gger’ — said that to my son,” she said. “(He was) pretty much shocked, just couldn’t believe it.”

After the sixth-grader reported what happened to teachers, another white classmate questioned about the place of his birth, adding to the trauma.

Later the unidentified white boy who had punched Nivre told another classmate, “You know I could kill him, right?”

But the school’s management turned a deaf ear to this alarming situation. Despite Robinson trying to contact school officials by email and phone, the school administrators didn’t explain how they were handling the abuse.

They also did not address any specific policies that should have been in place to protect students from racial harassment.

After several attempts, the school’s dean finally handed the boy who harassed Nivre a three-day suspension for the physical contact. But no additional punishments were given for the racial slurs and death threats.

This was naturally not satisfactory for the mother.

“He just kept saying to me that it’s a three-day suspension for physical contact, that’s it,” said Robinson. “If he would not have physically assaulted my child, he would not have been suspended.”

However, the school superintendent told WTXF-TV that after the boy returns from his suspension, he is required to attend a mandatory school conference with his parents, and will also need to attend counseling.

But Robinson said the school administration didn’t inform her of any of this.

“You are not ensuring me that you can keep my son safe,” she added. “You’re not giving me answers. You’re not doing anything.”

In times like these, when racism is surging, it should be mandatory for schools to lay out clear policies addressing racism and counsel such children who are being consumed by this plague.

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