Archeologists Find Huge Ancient Coffin In Egypt That’s Still Sealed

The ancient black granite sarcophagus was recently unearthed by archeologists in the Sidi Gaber district of Alexandria, Egypt.


Archeologists unearthed a giant sarcophagus during an excavation in Egypt. The ancient coffin made of black granite is the largest ever discovered in Alexandria.

Experts think that the coffin hasn’t been opened since the past 2,000 years because its lid was sealed with mortar. How was the sarcophagus not stolen is a mystery in itself, because centuries back looters stole several ancient tombs and dug out everything inside them.

But this coffin, dating back to the Ptolemaic period, roughly 305 to 30 BCE is still sealed.

The size of the historic tomb is also very significant. The coffin which measures 72.8 inches by 104.3 inches by 65 inches is believed to be the largest ever to be unearthed in Alexandria.

The relic was discovered froma depth of  5 meter below the ground. An Egyptian archaeological mission from the Supreme Council of Antiquities discovered the ancient coffin during excavation work carried out to inspect the land ahead of a new building construction in that place.

According to construction laws in Egypt, developers are required to excavate the ground beneath their planned developments before building anything over it.

A damaged alabaster bust was also found near the tomb. It probably depicts the person who was buried in the large coffin. However, the identity of the body is still unknown.

Who or what is in the sarcophagus is still mysterious and the question of if it should be opened or not is being discussed at large. However, people on social media have a lot to say about this discovery.











Thumbnail/Banner Image: Reuters, Guadalupe Pardo

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