Cracker Barrel Manager Accused Of Making Up Lie To Kick Black Vet Out

A man claimed he was discriminated against. While he didn't fight the management at the time, he's now suing.

Randy Freeman, a black veteran and business owner, has filed a lawsuit against Cracker Barrel, claiming that he was kicked out of the restaurant after the manager lied about his behavior.

The 57-year-old man, who owns a motor coach company, was having dinner with his passengers in Cross Lanes, West Virginia, when the manager at the restaurant accused him of cursing at a waitress.

But according to at least three witnesses who saw how Freeman ordered and what happened afterward, the man acted in a “normal manner.”

The official complaint, which is filed on his behalf by Philadelphia-based discrimination attorney Sekou Campbell, claimed that after trying to reach out to the company, it failed to answer.

Cracker Barrel, the suit added, has “a history of discrimination in its stores.” As such, the company’s racist behavior ended up “leading to a nine-year consent decree to remedy customer and employee-based discrimination with the United States Department of Justice.”

The suit claimed that the company is guilty of defamation, outrageous treatment, and racial discrimination.

“I was embarrassed and worried about the consequences of resisting my ejectment because I owed my ultimate responsibility to my motor coach passengers who would’ve been stranded had I been arrested for refusing to leave,” Freeman said, recalling just how he put his responsibility before his own feelings at the time. “So, I left without raising my voice or otherwise resisting the managers’ commands.”

It’s a terrible day in America when anyone is discriminated against because of the color of their skin. But worse than simply being discriminated against, this man appears to have been mistreated and then lied about, because of his skin color.

We hope this case helps shed some light on what exactly happened. If it turns out the manager's actions were discriminatory, we can only hope the justice system makes sure that this company, as well as others, learn that there are consequences for this type of behavior.

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