Black Woman Alleges Texas Trooper Sexually Assaulted Her During Stop

Despite the Texas Department of Public Safety's denial, a black Texas woman is accusing a state trooper of sexually assaulting her following a traffic stop.

Social justice advocate Shaun King brought to light a black woman’s claim that she had been sexually assaulted by a Texas State Trooper.

Sherita Dixon-Cole was pulled over on Sunday and ultimately arrested. Daniel Hubbard, the officer who stopped her, administered a breathalyzer test which Dixon-Cole passed; however, he still would not let her go because he purportedly didn’t like her “attitude.”

After handcuffing her and placing her in the passenger seat of his squad car, he allegedly told her that he would release her in exchange for sexual favors, which she declined.

At one point, the woman’s fiancé arrived on the scene as she had called him immediately upon being pulled over and let him know her whereabouts. Hubbard had already started violating Dixon-Cole when the fiancé pulled up, and he allegedly threatened to fatally shoot him if Dixon-Cole tried to tell him what had just occurred.

He then notified her fiancé that he would be taking Dixon-Cole to jail and ordered him to not follow them. When the officer drove off with Dixon-Cole, he took her to an abandoned parking lot where he continued his alleged assault, which included groping her and penetrating her vagina with his fingers.

Dixon-Cole’s fiancé didn’t follow the trooper’s orders and tailed them anyway. When he pulled into the parking lot, Hubbard sped away.

After taking her to yet another remote location and continuing to assault Dixon-Cole, the trooper eventually took her to the Ellis County Jail where she was held for most of the day, even after she had posted bond.

King took to Facebook to detail Dixon-Cole’s story in a post that has since gone viral. He then posted several updates about her status on Twitter. Apparently, King is friends with civil rights attorney S. Lee Merritt who is representing Dixon-Cole.

Merritt distributed a press release on Monday detailing Dixon-Cole’s claims and denouncing the Ellis County Jail for mishandling her report when she initially launched her complaint against Hubbard.

The Texas Department of Public Safety addressed the issue on Sunday in a statement of its own, which argues that dashcam footage from the arrest does not support Dixon-Cole’s allegations.

“Upon learning of the allegations today, the department immediately took action to review the dash cam video. The video shows absolutely no evidence to support the serious accusations against the Trooper during the DWI arrest of the suspect. DPS will present the video to the DA’s Office to determine if any further action is needed. The department will release the video to the public if there are no objections by the DA’s Office,” according to the statement.

Merritt, however, noted in his statement that the dashcam is not sufficient to determine whether Dixon-Cole’s assault did or did not happen as she alleges that the officer took certain steps to avoid dashcam recordings and obscure video evidence.

“There exists significant evidence to substantiate this assault including the consistent and detailed testimony of a credible victim; the corroborating testimony of an additional witness; and other evidence in the form of timelines and routes taken by the police vehicle. A more thorough investigation would likely yield additional physical evidence within the cruiser and on the uniform of Officer Hubbard,” Merritt said.

Both King and Merritt condemned the department for not immediately confiscating Hubbard’s uniform and cruiser after Dixon-Cole reported her assault. In fact, King accused them of deliberately withholding Hubbard’s clothing and keeping Dixon-Cole in jail for nearly 24 hours to give the department time to develop a cover-up story.

Dixon-Cole's allegations certainly aren't far-fetched. There have been countless cases similar to hers in which officers abuse their power to coerce women to do things they don't want to in order to avoid being fined or arrested.

However, even if the sexual assault can't be proven, Hubbard should still face consequences for arresting Dixon-Cole and bringing her in after she passed the field sobriety test. This officer's conduct certainly smells fishy and suggests that there is, indeed, truth to Dixon-Cole's claims.  

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