Black Woman Buys Louis Vuitton Bag, Store Falsely Accuses Her Of Fraud

“They profiled me because I was in sweats, because I was black they felt they could just treat people any kind of way,” Dana Hale said.

A woman who was busy Christmas shopping at Saks Fifth Avenue in Michigan was allegedly racially profiled while trying to buy luxury items.

Dana Hale and her 24-year-old daughter, Paris, went to a Saks store in Troy, Michigan, on Dec. 21 to get their hands on some luxury goods.

Hale reportedly purchased $6,731 worth of Louis Vuitton designer bags, a belt, a keychain and Christmas gifts. She made payments for some of the high-end goods through her business credit card, and paid for some products with cash.

A clerk told Hale she could leave her purchases at the counter and continue shopping.

So that is what the woman did, she roamed around the store, checking for some other things to buy.  But as she was trying on a pair of sunglasses, an officer from the Troy police, summoned by the store, intervened and basically made Hale feel like a criminal.

“He said ‘You and you, I need to talk to you,” Hale recounted. She says the officer brought up credit card fraud.

“[The card] didn’t decline, though; it went through,” Hale responded.

Hale had a receipt proving her transactions went through. She thinks (and rightfully so) she was racially profiled. 

“They profiled me because I was in sweats. Because I was black ... they could just treat people any kind of way,” she said.

The entire episode left her “really sad” and “embarrassed.”

“They made me feel belittled,” she continued. “They made me feel harassed. And it was intimidation that you called the police?”

Saks is reportedly “investigating the matter,” according to WXYZ. A staff member of Saks Fifth Avenue called Hale to apologize and gave her a full refund on her purchases while allowing her to keep the items.

Hale has now hired an attorney and she might also sue the luxury department store.

It goes without saying that this case of discrimination was purely based on Hale’s skin color and it is about time to put forth real efforts that educate people on biases against others based on race, religion, and sexual preferences.

People on social media had a lot to say about the store’s discriminatory behavior toward Hale.









Thumbnail/Banner Image: Reuters, Carlo Allegri 

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