Black Woman Curates @Ireland On Twitter – Then All Hell Breaks Loose

Racism is alive and well in Ireland. A plus-size blogger had to undergo vitriolic abuse when she took over a Twitter account.

Michelle Marie, a plus-size lifestyle blogger, is a black woman who is originally from Oxford, England, but decided to settle in Ireland, a country she says “has her heart.”

She was recently chosen to tweet from the @ireland, a Twitter account that is curated by a different Twitter user in Ireland each week.

But that turned out to be a rather bitter experience for Marie, who was subjected to a barrage of vitriolic abuse, eventually forcing her to temporarily “take a break.”

Racist trolls attacked the blogger with some of the most vicious remarks about her weight and the color of her skin. She was even told to “return to your ancestral lands” by many.

Racist Abuse

Ireland Twitter Account


Here’s what Marie tweeted in response to the abuse:



"I was shocked more than anything," she told BBC. "It was an eye-opener that a lot of people have hateful and extreme views — it was pure hatred.”

"A lot of people saw an image of a black woman and made a lot of assumptions, saying, 'Go back to Africa,' and telling me to go back to my own country, when I was born in Norwich,” she added.

Thankfully, the abuse has stopped and Marie plans to continue to curate the account till the end of her week.

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