Ignoring Her Pleas, Cop Tasers Pregnant Woman In The Stomach

The 27-year-old mother-to-be allegedly warned, "Don't tase me! I'm pregnant," just before the officer released the stun gun into her stomach and leg.

A Mississippi cop allegedly tasered a pregnant woman in the abdomen, ignoring her pleas for them to stop.

Aviana White, 27, was involved in a heated confrontation with police after an officer pulled her brother over for speeding and discovered that he was driving without a license, Raw Story reports.

White was a passenger in the car, and the officer found that she had an outstanding warrant from a 2014 misdemeanor domestic violence charge. Initially, White refused to give the officer her name.

According to the Miami Sun Herald, the officer was trying to help by asking for White’s name and license so that she could drive her brother’s car home, but her defiance escalated the situation.

White walked away from the car at one point during the ordeal to call the Pass Christian Police Department and complain about how she was being treated, which is when the unnamed cop allegedly charged toward her with a stun gun drawn.

When White saw the Taser, she warned the cop that she was pregnant, but the officer proceeded to taser her three times in the stomach and once in the leg.

“I’m upset,” witness Alicia Burton said. “That was a situation that escalated that didn’t have to escalate the way it did.”

Burton noted that she believes the officer should have waited for backup to arrive on the scene.

Maybe the officer thought White was lying just to get out of being tasered, but the reality is that the cop's decision to ignore White and taser her could result in harm to the unborn, innocent child she's carrying.

The fact that White was tasered in the abdomen indicates that the officer had no regard for her baby's life. 

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