Bob Marley’s Grandchild Plans To Sue After Being Accused Of Burglary

"The cops admit that the woman’s reason for calling the police was because we didn’t WAVE to her as she looked at us," wrote Kells Fyffe-Marshall on Facebook.

UPDATE: As it turns out, one of the three black women who was questioned by police while trying to check out of their AirBnb rental is the granddaughter of late reggae legend Bob Marley. 

Donisha Prendergast is the daughter of Sharon Marley Prendergast, who was adopted by Bob Marley when he married her mother, Rita Marley.

Although it was fairly clear the young woman was Jamaican by her accent in the viral videos from the incident, her family tree makes it even more poignant that she quoted her grandfather's "Redemption Song" lyrics in the caption of her Instagram post. 

She wrote: "My hand was made strong, by the hands of the Almighty. None of them can stop the time. We won't stand aside and look. We are greater than they wanted us to believe."

Following this incident, Prendergast has started the process of taking legal action against the Rialto Police Department. 

Not much is known about the lawsuit yet, but a spokesperson for Prendergast said that the young filmmaker’s legal team plans to announce an update on the suit on Wednesday.

The neighbor who is the cause of the whole mess is surely going to regret not minding her own business and racially profiling the descendent of a renowned music legend. 

Two black men were sitting in a Starbucks. Cops were called on them.

Black golf club members were "playing too slowly." Cops were called on them.

A black man wanted a refund. Cops were called on him.

A black woman wanted to file a complaint at a Waffle House. Cops were called on her.

Now, Kells Fyffe-Marshall, a film director, who is black, claims the cops were called on her, and her friends, because they "didn't wave" at a white woman.

"During our time in Cali we have been staying at an Airbnb," Fyffe-Marshall wrote on Facebook. "The 30th was our second morning and at about 11am we checked out. The four of us packed our bags, locked up the house and left. As you can see 3 of us were Black. About 10 seconds later we were surrounded by 7 cop cars. The officers came out of their cars demanding us to put our hands in the air."

So, what exactly triggered the incident?

Fyffe-Marshall state a woman in the neighborhood assumed the three black women were probably stealing from the house. And then the situation escalated.

"Their Sergeant arrived... he explained they didn’t know what Airbnb was," the post continues. "He insisted that we were lying about it and said we had to prove it. We showed them the booking confirmations and phoned the landlord... because they didn’t know what she looked like on the other end to confirm it was her.. they detained us - because they were investigating a felony charge - for 45 minutes while they figured it out."

It later turned out, Fyffe-Marshall, claims, the white neighbor who had called the cops was offended the women had not waved back at her.

"The cops admit that the woman’s reason for calling the police was because we didn’t WAVE to her as she looked at us putting our luggage into our car from her lawn," she added. "The trauma is real. I've been angry, fustrated and sad. I was later detained at the airport. This is insanity."

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