Ex-Lawmaker Who Quit Amid Sexual Assault Allegations Lands $160k Job

Farenthold had only quit his job last month amid sexual harassment allegations and that he settled the related lawsuit using $84,000 of taxpayers’ money. And now he is back.

Former Rep. Blake Farenthold (R-Texas) hastily resigned from Congress amid sexual harassment allegations and reports he settled a lawsuit with taxpayers’ money and not even a month later, he already has a new job: a lobbyist for Congress.

According to Caller Times, the former congressman announced his new job on a Corpus Christi radio show. He informed that he had landed a new job at the Calhoun Port Authority in Port Lavaca, Texas.

His job as the port’s full-time legislative liaison would include increasing the port’s visibility to the Trump administration.

“I’m starting a new job today that has an hour-and-a-half commute,” said Farenthold. “You’re going to have me listening and calling in a whole lot now.”

Apart from a few exceptions for state or local government agencies, it is usually illegal for a former congressman to immediately work as a lobbyist.

What is most surprising is the nature of allegations against the Texas lawmaker that made him quit his former job in the first place and he was still considered for a lobbying job.

According to Politico, in 2014, Farenthold’s former spokeswoman Lauren Greene filed a lawsuit against him accusing the Republican of sexual harassment. The lawsuit also alleged that another aide told Greene that Farenthold had “sexual fantasies” and “wet dreams” about her.

It was also revealed that Farenthold used $84,000 of taxpayers’ money for one sexual harassment claim and $7,000 in one case alleging both sex and religious discrimination.

In December 2017, Farenthold promised to return the money but never did.

As the House Ethics Committee was closing in on reaching a verdict for the investigation going against the former Congressman, he quietly quit last month.

According to Caller Times, Farenthold’s new job will land him $160,000 annually. He can pay back the money he illegally “borrowed” from the taxpayers and still have $76,000 to spare.

There is still no word on why the former congressman was such a good hire.


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