'Deliberate' Explosion Rocks Sikh Temple In Germany

As the search for the culprit continues, police refuse to comment on the nature of the attack.

In a deplorable incident, a bomb ripped through a Sikh temple Saturday in Essen, Germany, leaving three people injured.


The blast took place when members of the Sikh community had congregated to celebrate the Vaisakhi, the harvest festival in Punjab, at the temple, also known as a gurdwara. Earlier, the gurdwara had hosted a wedding, and some of the guests were still present.


Lars Lindemman, spokesman for Essen Police, said that the attack was "quite violent" and shattered the windows  of the temple. As of now, authorities have refrained from commenting on the nature of the attack and have maintained that without any evidence, it cannot be established if this was a terrorist attack.


Police officers revealed that a masked man was seen fleeing the area shortly after the attack at 7 p.m. Three arrests have been made so far.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters

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