BLM Activist Foreshadows 'Riots Everywhere' If Trump Wins

There's a storm coming, and it looks like everyone is predicting riots in the streets whether Trump loses--or wins--the Republican nomination.

black lives matter

Tef Poe, a prominent #BlackLivesMatter activist and rapper, took to Twitter to tell “white people” what will happen if Donald Trump wins the presidency: riots.

"Dear white people if Trump wins young n****s such as myself are fully hell bent on inciting riots everywhere we go. Just so you know," Poe’s now-deleted tweet read.

Poe has been tweeting furiously ever since the original tweet went viral.

“Yeah, let’s just f*** up the planet and not expect any consequences. – yeah that works,” he tweeted.

As more and more people began to criticize his tweet, he added, “I ride with plenty Caucasian allies good people I would die for. People I've stood on the line with. They know what freedom is about.”

“I respect everyones [sic] right to disagree or agree with whatsoever they choose. I adamantly don't encourage people hurting themselves or others,” he tweeted.




Some have begun pointing to a double standard. While many came to the defense of #BlackLivesMatter activists that rioted in the streets of Ferguson and St. Lois, calling those riots an “act of protest,” none are doing so in defense of Trump’s riot-inducing behavior.


What’s the difference? There’s a huge difference.

Trump is inciting riots based on an anger that is perverted and twisted with xenophobic, racist, sexist, and classist ideals.

The #BlackLivesMatter activists were angry at that exact kind of mentality — they were enraged that their lives were being treated as less than nothing, that their community was being policed by a corrupt and broken system, that they were being ignored and swept under the rug despite the obvious indecency of it all. They wanted justice, and there really was no other way to get people to pay attention, to listen.

To compare the two and claim there is a double standard at play is ignoring the issue as a whole—and that’s putting it mildly.

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