Insurance Company Wants To Yank Coverage From Teen With Brain Trauma

An Oklahoma family is facing their insurance company ending health services for their teenage son with brain trauma who isn't healing fast enough in rehab.

Apparently, a young man isn't healing quickly enough for his insurance company because they want to send him home from a rehab center even though he was critically injured and is suffering from a traumatic brain injury, according to Raw Story.

Caleb Freeman suffered his injuries in a car accident as he was driving to an Oklahoma University basketball game with his younger brother. His brother sustained minor injuries. Freeman had to enter a rehab program close to Denver to recover, according to a KFOR-TV report.

The 16-year-old's family said that he's been making progress even though he remains largely unresponsive. It's expected of Freeman's family to continue to hold on to hope, but their insurance carrier, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, couldn't care less. They're under the impression that he's not making enough progress to remain at the rehab center.

"His head control is getting better, and his range of motion in his back is very good," said the teen's father, Pastor Jeremy Freeman. "At different points, Caleb lifted his head and looked at us with both eyes wide opened. He worked hard and did well. It was great to see. Other than that, he had a pretty restful day."

This poor family has to deal with their son, who's currently fighting for his life, and a cruel insurance company that wants to throw in the towel. Life is priceless, and a person should not have to depend on money to keep them alive. Every human being should have access to free health care, no matter the circumstances.

"Our doctor thinks this is ridiculous. Every person caring for Caleb tells us every day how much progress they are seeing … but, in the insurance world, it's all about money," the family posted on Facebook. "Our doctor is awesome and believes Caleb needs to be here."

Unfortunately, Freeman's fate is left in the hands of a vulture health insurance company. According to Raw Story, the family has coverage through Feb. 12. Their insurance case worker promised to gather more information concerning the matter before Blue Cross/Blue Shield pulls the plug on Freeman's health insurance.

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