Dozens Of Sharks Mysteriously Wash Up Dead On Alabama Beach

In another mysterious incident, dozens of innocent sea creatures have lost their lives due to people’s carelessness.

Alabama’s Mobile Bay has been taken over by an unpleasant smell, after around 100 dead bull sharks washed up on its shore.

Beachgoers had been complaining about an “awful smell every time a gust of wind would come,” and upon checking a close by beach, they were horrified to find it lined with lifeless sharks.

Apparently the sea creatures all got entangled into one large net, killing them and washing the carcasses on shore. A vacationer, Sabrina Rios, reported that on Saturday, July 9, her family saw people spreading out a large gill net into the sea and it caught their attention because they knew it was illegal to do that without a license, but they simply didn’t know how to help the situation.

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The carcasses of 57 sharks have been taken by authorities for medical examination. The Marine Resources Division and the Dauphin Island Sea Lab are heading up the investigation performing autopsies on the sharks and simultaneously looking into who the culprit could be. However, finding the one who is responsible for the horrendous act might be a difficult task, since they have left behind no traces, and so far, there are no leads on what they look like or where they may be living.

For now officials are requesting beachgoers to report to the Marine Resources Division if they come across any unattended gill nets.

Just recently numerous incidents have come to light where humans have risked the life of, or mistreated animals for selfies. It is about time people started being more mindful of animal rights.

Banner/Thumbnail Credits: Reuters

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