Police Fatally Shoot Man As He Runs Away Begging 'Please Don't Shoot'

Newly-released body camera footage shows Minneapolis police officers shooting and killing a black man as he runs away while begging them not to shoot.

The Washington Post reported Monday that officers from the Minneapolis Police Department shot and killed 31-year-old Thurman Blevins as he ran from them screaming, "Please, don't shoot me."

The body camera footage shows the police looking for a suspect who had allegedly been shooting a gun in the air and at the ground on June 23, according to the MPD.

WARNING: Footage contains material that may be unsuitable for some viewers. 

Two police officers pulled up to Blevins, who was sitting on a curb with his dog. Blevins appeared to have a gun in his pocket but did not reach for the weapon as police jumped out of their vehicle and instructed him to comply by yelling for Blevins to "Put your f****** hands up."

Blevins reacted by standing up, dropping his dog's leash, and running away.

The officers chased Blevins yelling, "I will f****** shoot you!"

Blevins responded, "What? C'mon man! I didn't do nothing, bro."

Just before he started shooting, Officer Justin Schmidt shouted at Blevins, "You've got a gun, m**********r."

Blevins died at the scene.

Some critics pointed out that the police officers immediately escalated the situation upon arriving on the scene. Others claimed that Blevins got what he deserved by not complying with the officers.

Blevins was literally sitting on the curb with his dog as a woman was passing by with a baby when police jumped out of the car with guns drawn screaming they would kill him. Perhaps a more “protect and serve” approach would have benefited everyone.

Blevins' cousin, Sydnee Brown, said that the family was shown the police video on Sunday evening before it was released to the public. Brown said that the video is evidence that Blevins was not a threat to police when they first pulled up.

"He didn't deserve to die. ... They didn't view him as a human being," she said.

Police fired a total of 14 shots at Blevins, four of which struck him. As usual with police shootings, the county attorney said that the shooting was justified and announced that no charges will be filed against the officers.

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