Boko Haram Is Burning Children Alive. Where’s The Outrage?

The Nigerian-based terror group is carrying out atrocities on a much bigger scale than the Islamic State. Yet the world is transfixed on Syria.

In yet another brutal attack, suspected Boko Haram terrorists attacked a village in northeastern Nigeria, killing at least 86 people — including many children.

The militants reportedly opened fire on Dalori village near Maiduguri with machine guns and set dozens of homes ablaze.

“We were seated outside our home shortly after the Isha prayer when we heard gunshots and within a few minutes the invaders had arrived,” Malam Masa Dalori, a community leader, was quoted as saying by the Guardian. “They came in Golf saloon cars and began to shoot sporadically. Many people ran to the bush, including myself.”

A witness who survived the rampage by hiding in a tree said he “watched Boko Haram fighters firebomb huts and heard the screams of children burning to death.”

The death toll could have been even higher since the gunmen tried to enter a camp housing nearly 25,000 refugees near Dalori. But the assault was repelled by Nigerian troops, according to a report on the massacre by Al Jazeera.

While ISIS may currently appear the biggest and gravest threat to international security, it might not be entirely true since the Nigeria-based militant organization often proves itself even more dangerous and ruthless.

There are statistics available to support this fact. Last year, Boko Haram overtook ISIS as the world’s most deadly terrorist organization, according to data released by the Global Terrorism Index.

Also known as Islamic State’s West’s Africa province, Boko Haram was responsible for 6,644 deaths in 2014 as compared to 6,073 killings by ISIS.

And despite slaughtering considerably more people than other radical organizations, atrocities by Boko Haram don’t generate as many headlines as ISIS or Taliban because they mostly operate in north Africa — a region largely ignored by the mainstream media.

While fighting against ISIS is and should be a priority under current circumstances, world powers need to make sure that innocent people in West and northeastern Africa suffering at the hands of extremist groups like Boko Haram also receive cooperation and help to fight against the menace of terrorism.

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