Bomb Squad Blows The Bonnet Off Badly Parked Porsche

When police spotted a $103,000 Porsche in the taxi rank with its hazard lights flashing, they decided to take no chances and blew open the luxury car.


A 25-year-old Parisian learned the risks of dodging city’s parking laws in perhaps one of the worst ways possible, after authorities mistook his $103,000 luxury car for a security threat and partially destroyed it.

A man named Olivier, as identified by the Le Parisien newspaper, arrived at the chic sixth arrondissement to visit an upscale nightclub in his Porsche 911 Carrera S. However, after being unable to find a suitable parking spot (or maybe not caring enough to find one) he left the vehicle in an empty taxi rank with the hazard lights flashing.

He probably thought himself a genius for it, but after a late night of partying when he decided he had too much to drink and took a taxi home. Meanwhile, the local police spotted the Porsche and alerted the anti-terrorist unit along with the bomb disposal squad.

Ever since the Paris terror attacks that left more than 200 dead, the police are on a lookout for suspicious activity. Earlier this year, the authorities found an abandoned car in a similar fashion, parked with its hazard lights flashing, near the Notre Dame Cathedral.

The vehicle reportedly contained gas cylinder, believed to be part of a terror plot.

Therefore, when the experts arrived at the scene, they took no chances and attached a small amount of explosives to the Porsche’s bonnet, blowing it open.

After making sure there was no bomb in the vehicle, they left the car at its parking place.

Olivier returned to get his car shortly after.

“They (police) contacted the leasing agency I bought the car with, then called me, and I explained the situation,” the driver told Le Parisien, admitting he should not have parked it illegally. “I apologized and said I would go there immediately. But obviously they didn't take this into account, because the bonnet was already blown up by the time I arrived.”

 Olivier is apparently considering legal action against the police.

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