Bono Wants To Send Comedians To Fight Off ISIS

Meet your news terrorist-fighting crack team: Amy Schumer, Chris Rock and Borat - at least if Bono has his way.

U2 singer Bono visited Congress to be part of a Senate subcommittee hearing on the "causes and consequences of violent extremism and the role of foreign assistance."

Sitting among aid experts and diplomats, Bono stated that “aid can no longer be seen as charity.” He also went on to explain that when aid is structured properly with a hard focus on fighting corruption and improving governance, it could be the best defensive wall against violent extremism.

However, while suggesting solutions for the various ongoing problems, Bono also took on a lighter note, including some notable people from the entertainment industry.


“It’s like you speak violence, you speak their language, but you laugh at them when they’re goose-stepping down the street, and it takes away their power. So I’m suggesting that the Senate send in Amy Schumer and Chris Rock and Sasha Baron Cohen. Thank you.”

We have to admit, picturing ISIS fighters sitting down to an Amy Schumer performance while she jokes about her sexual exploits has us cracking up — maybe it'll turn a few terrorists back to the good side as well.

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