Dortmund Bus Bombing Suspect Wanted To Frame Muslims For The Attack

Police have arrested a man in suspicion of attacking the club’s team bus in hope of benefiting from the fallen shares of the club.

Borussia Dortmund team bus was attacked last week with explosives when it was heading to the stadium for a Champions League match. Police immediately started investigation and followed the leads pointing to radical Islam.

However, in a recent development, it was revealed the attack was conducted by a German-Russian national who was a market trader hoping to make money if the price of shares in the team fell.

The suspect, Sergej W, 28, was arrested by police and he is also accused of having left behind several copies of a fake letter that tried to frame the attack as an act of Islamic terror.

Dortmund is the only club in Germany to float shares on the stock market.

Sergej W had bought a put option, which is an option to sell assets at an agreed price on or before a particular date, on the club’s shares. This gave him the right to sell the shares for a specified price at a predetermined date.

Following the attack, the share price of club did drop by 5% but only for a temporary period of time. After his arrest the share price of the club rose significantly. Police suspect he is the sole architect of the attack as there was no indication that he had any accomplices.

He carried out the attack in a very professional nature. Police found three copies of identical statements that mentioned last December’s Islamist terrorist attack on a Berlin Christmas market and referenced the “caliphate.”

Sergej W’s parents are originally from Ural Mountains and he grew up in the town of Freudenstadt in the Black Forest. He carried out his military service in 2008 where he worked as an electrician supporting an army medical unit.

The suspect had first booked a room at L`Arrivée hotel. According to employees, he had acted suspiciously after the attack as when the explosion took place, he remained calm and ordered a steak whereas other guests ran in panic.

This case also sheds light on the hypocrisy of the media as it changed its coverage of the attack when it became clear the suspect wasn't Muslim.

 At first, all leading news media called the suspect a “terrorist” whereas when it was revealed that the man was a German-Russian the media took a 360 degree turn and referred to him as just “a man.” The act which was at first a “terror” attack, is now called just an “attack” that was motivated by greed. This case also leaves a big question on media agencies that label people as terrorists. Therefore, the question remains: Are only Muslims terrorists?



Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters

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