The Day Pulitzer Prize Winners Doubled As Delivery Men

Boston Globe subscribers expected the newspaper on Sunday but not the person who came to deliver it.

If you are a Boston Globe subscriber, chances are the person who delivered your newspaper on Sunday was also the person who wrote the articles. 

Sick and tired of almost a week of erratic distribution, around a hundred reporters and editors at the publication volunteered to deliver thousands of copies of the paper on Sunday.

The Globe switched delivery services on Dec. 28 to a vendor called ACI Media Group. Soon after that, the newspaper started receiving a series of complaints about people getting their paper late or not receiving it at all.

By Wednesday, around 95 percent of the households got their papers, but the Globe failed to reach the other 5 percent on time. The missing papers resulted in an outcry from readers, who vented their frustration on social media and Globe’s phone system with complaints. Because of the huge amount of incoming calls, the phone system crashed and reporters found it problematic to call outside.

Taking note of their employer’s plight, dozens of reporters (which included Pulitzer Prize winners) offered to help in delivering the paper. Political columnists, sports reporters, Web producers and managing editors all dropped by at the printers around midnight on Saturday to pick up the paper.



The paper had to be folded and bagged before they could be delivered.


The effort was much appreciated by the subscribers.




The staff was exhausted — yet contented  once all the deliveries were made on time.


The Boston Globe revealed that approximately 115,000 subscribers receive the papers on weekdays with another 205,000 scheduled for Sunday. If these figures are correct, that means about 5,000-10,000 subscribers failed to get their papers after changing their vendor. The paper did not name the delivery vendor that they used before or gave a reason why the service was so poor after the conversion.

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