Boston Cop Filmed Racially Profiling Black Pedestrian

A Boston police officer stopped a pedestrian, proceeded to interrogate him, and insinuated that the man did not have a job or contribute to society.

A video uploaded to WorldStar Hip Hop today shows a Boston police officer randomly stopping and questioning a black man walking down the street.

In the video, the pedestrian said he noticed two police officers wearing street clothes watching him as he got out of his Uber on the way to get a haircut, so he began filming.

The encounter began with an officer in a Boston Bruins beanie asking the pedestrian if he was Kevin, saying the police were looking for a man named Kevin. The man stopped as an officer in a cap asked his name. The officer then got out of the car and asked where the man lives.

“You’re just out here killing time, today,” the officer asked.

The pedestrian requested the officer inform him why the stop occurred. While this was happening, the officer took out his phone and stuck it in the man’s face, as if he was also filming the encounter.

“Your parents proud of you for flipping off the police,” the officer asked.

He then retorted, “Have a great day, contributor. Where do you go for work? What do you do for work? Anything?”

As the first officer harassed the man, his partner, who was in the driver seat of the car, stood silent. The pedestrian turned the camera to the officer who was not questioning him and said, “Thank you. Thank you. I appreciate you.”

The officer who claimed they were looking for "Kevin" never followed up on his declared interest, highlighting the superfluousness of his interrogation.

This was clearly an instance of racial profiling. Luckily, it didn't escalate to an arrest or violence thanks to the pedestrian keeping cool despite being harassed.

Filming unnecessary stoppages such as the one can potentially help document the extent of radicalized policing tactics, exposing the truth behind rampant police brutality throughout the nation. 

Banner/Thumbnail Photo Credit: Flickr, Jason Lawrence

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