Amateur Boxer’s First Ever Fight Costs Him His Life

Several boxers have paid tribute to the young fighter, including heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, who was devastated by the news.

Kuba Moczyk was fighting his first ever fight at the Atlantis Arena in Great Yarmouth, United Kingdom, following months of training.

Little did he know that it would also turn out to be his last fight.

Amateur boxer

The 22-year-old was knocked out in the third and final round from a single punch.  He suffered a severe head injury and was taken to a local hospital, where he lapsed into a coma. The hospital put him on a life support machine, but he passed away.

Moczyk’s twin sister had set up a fundraising page hoping to raise money to take him to a specialist hospital abroad.

“He is continuously fighting, his heart beats and even though his eyes are shut, they're tearing up and he cries with us. I know he can hear us whenever I speak to him,” she had said.

Kuba and his twin sister

“I will never be the same,” she wrote on her Facebook after her brother’s sad demise.

Local promoter, Leon Docwra, recounted that the young boxer had a "heart of gold."

"I've spoken to Moczyk’s aunt and sister and they are absolutely devastated — they are a lovely, close family,” he added.

Amateur boxer

The 41-year-old, who trained the young boxer three years ago, said, "He was never going to be a champion boxer — although he was very good — as he was so kind-hearted and did not have a vicious streak.”

"To get into a ring was a big step and everyone was so proud of him," he added. "And that was his first and final fight."

Scott Osinski, Moczyk’s best friend, who also trained him, was naturally left devastated.

"I will never meet a more kind-hearted and special person. I'll do everything to make sure his name is kept alive at the gym. I have known him since he was 15 years old, he was kind-hearted and a gentleman. Everyone who knew him loved him,” he remarked.

People are praying for his family, team as well as his opponent:





Fighters Carl Frampton and Paul Silky Jones also sympathized with the family:



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