Boy Prevents School Bus From Crashing When Driver Becomes Ill

"He was swerving and he almost hit cars," said seventh-grader Karson Vega. So I took the wheel over and I stopped the bus. I didn't want to die."

Upon noticing his bus driver's erratic behavior behind the wheel, 13-year-old Karson Vega took matters into his young hands and saved his fellow students from being involved in a potential accident in Texas, according to The Independent.

Vega grabbed the wheel as the bus driver was suffering from a medical emergency as it neared the Colorado River Bridge to prevent it from veering off the road in La Grande.

"He was swerving and he almost hit cars," the teenager told news station KVUE.

Efforts to get the bus driver back on track were unsuccessful, so Vega did what he had to do. Having to bare the responsibility of putting other students' lives in his hands was such a brave thing to do for someone his age. He was meant to be there to step up to the plate in case of an emergency.

"He was about to go off it," Vega said. "So I took the wheel over and I stopped the bus. I didn't want to die."

But he had support along the way. Another student, Kyler Buzek, a sophomore at La Grange High School called for help and kept the younger students, seven in total, on the bus at ease, according to KVUE.

The school's superintendent, Bill Wagner, didn't go into details about the state of the bus driver's medical emergency, but everything is under control as of now. The driver is recovering and is slated to undergo tests to find out if he can get behind the wheel again.

If Vega did not know how to drive there's no telling what would have been the outcome of this incident. The school should look into hiring bus matrons who also know how to drive for the future. Having another adult on board can help guarantee the safety of children riding the school bus.


Banner and Thumbnail Image Credit: Pixabay, ebpilgrim

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