10-Year-Old Locked In Car By Mom Saved When Nearby Fire Breaks Out

A mother locked her 10-year-old son in her car while she went shopping at Aldi, but he had to be rescued when a fire broke out in a nearby vehicle.

A mother thought it was OK to lock her son in a car while she went shopping in an Aldi store in Bournemouth, England, only to later find him in grave danger when a nearby car burst into flames.

The 10-year-old had to be rescued from his mom's Nissan X-trail, according to Metro. His mother, Leanne Adams, is facing criticism for making a bad judgment call. People are reportedly calling her “stupid and thick” and want her to be prosecuted for child neglect.

Luckily, 22-year-old security guard Sam Webb was present to get the boy out of the car safely; however, it came at a price. 

When Webb tried to open the car doors, the boy panicked, so Webb, without thinking, punched the window until it shattered. As a result, he ended up breaking bones in his fingers. Another good Samaritan pulled the child through the window and went with him to find his mother.

Adams' response to what took place was careless.

“He was in our car with doors locked playing on my phone because he hates shopping,” the boy's mother said, according to Metro. “We locked the car and told him not to talk to strangers. A car two spaces away caught fire.”

She went on to say that the reason he did not exit the car is that he did not notice the next car was on fire until Webb smashed the window in because he followed instructions to not open the door to strangers. She justified letting him stay in the car because he hates shopping.

“Unfortunately we cannot foresee the unforeseeable and would never have anticipated a car bursting into flames when leaving him,” Adams added.

Her excuse that he hates shopping is problematic because he is a child and is not supposed to dictate where he wants to be in an instance like this. It’s the parents’ responsibility to make sure they have their eyes on their children at all times instead of leaving them locked in a car.

If the boy’s eyes were glued to his mother’s phone, how could he have possibly been aware of what was going on outside of the car? His mother’s excuse for letting him stay in a locked car could have gotten him killed. Adams would likely be singing an entirely different tune if her child had actually been hurt in this emergency situation. 

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