12-Year-Old Brings Gun To School To Shoot His Teacher, Fails To Fire

The gun was loaded but when it failed to fire, the teacher wrestled it away from the student, according to investigators.

Boy Pointed Gun

In yet another disturbing incident involving guns, a 12-year-old boy was arrested after he tried to shoot his teacher in Eldridge, Iowa.

Court documents say the boy brought a loaded weapon to his school, North Scott Junior High, and pointed it as his teacher's face.

He pulled the trigger but, fortunately, the safety was on.

The teacher then wrestled the .22 caliber handgun from the child and the authorities were called.

"The school was put on lockdown and police seized the gun, which was "fully loaded" and had one round in the chamber, and secured it," The Quad City Times reported.

The incident occurred on Aug. 31. It is not known how the boy got hold of the weapon. He has been charged with attempted murder, having a weapon on school grounds and assault while displaying a dangerous weapon, according to The Courier.

He is currently being detained in County Juvenile Detention Center.

The shocking incident has yet again put the spotlight on gun culture in the United States as well as the fact that nearly 4.6 million children in the country live in homes with unsecured weapons.

 As a result, tragedies occur.

It's even worse in Iowa that is quite willing to put guns in children's hands.

Children in the Hawkeye State can legally use long guns and shotguns under adult supervision but not handguns. However, in February 2016, legislators in the state's Republican-controlled House approved a measure that would allow children of all ages in the state to use handguns with adult supervision.

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