Meet The Entrepreneur Who Can Rid The World's Oceans Of Plastic

Diving into the open sea led one young man on a mission to clean up the oceans, and now his miracle project may soon be tested in the North Sea.

21-year-old Boyan Slat has become known all around the world for his ambitious plans of cleaning up the Pacific Ocean.

Work through the foundation he set up, the Ocean Cleanup, Slat successfully raised around $1.7 million needed to test the miracle technology he plans to use in real-life conditions. The test will be carried out in the North Sea this year where a V-shaped underwater wall will be placed into the sea to capture plastic and trash passing by. The waste will be trapped into one area, so it can be removed and recycled.


If the technology successfully works in the test phase, Slat claims that it could clean up almost half of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, which is around 154 million pounds of trash. Moreover, what is amazing is that the Slat plans to do so in just 10 years, which otherwise would have taken 79,000 years with the current efforts.

Once the plastic and trash have been removed from the waters, Slat plans to turn the plastic into oil or even use it to make new materials. Recycling the waste will help turn the venture into a profitable project while majorly impacting the environment in a positive manner.

Slat’s initiative is, needless to say, commendable and all the more admirable because he's done all of this at such a young age, with plans to carry out the largest cleanup in history. 

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