BDS Movement Gains Steam As Israeli Forces Kill Dozens Of Palestinians

“BDS aims to end international support for Israeli violations of international law by forcing companies, institutions and governments to change their policies.”

More than 60 Palestinians, including an 8-month-baby, lost their lives amid the deadly violence that came after the United States moved its embassy to Jerusalem, sparking intense protests.

Some of the demonstrators were armed with stones and rubber tires, but Israeli soldiers responded with live ammunition and tear gas, killing dozens and wounding over 2,000 people – reportedly including a Canadian doctor providing medical assistance to the injured protesters.

The brutality displayed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s regime and the tragic death toll sparked international condemnation. The United Nations, United Kingdom, Russia and France, among others, criticized Israel for its vicious response to the protest. Meanwhile, the United States, which provides more military assistance to Israel than to any other state, continued to defend the illegal killings by praising the country for showing “restraint.”

The thing is neither the international outcry nor the human rights abuse accusations have ever stopped Israel from killing unarmed civilians living under its apartheid rule. However, the one thing that many believe could actually be effective in stopping the indiscriminate killing of Palestinians is a boycott of Israel.




The Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions – better known as BDS – is a Palestinian-led movement for freedom. Inspired by the South African fight against apartheid, it calls for “an end to Israel’s 1967 occupation, full equality for Palestinian citizens of Israel, and the U.N.-stipulated right of Palestinian refugees to return to the lands from which they were uprooted and dispossessed since the Nakba,” according to Omar Barghouti, the co-founder of the movement.

“BDS aims to end international support for Israeli violations of international law by forcing companies, institutions and governments to change their policies,” reads its website. “As Israeli companies and institutions become isolated, Israel will find it more difficult to oppress Palestinians.”

Following the fresh wave of violence in Gaza, more people are coming forward to support the BDS.

For instance, students at Chile’s largest public university, Universidad de Chile, reportedly voted to endorse the movement just hours after the carnage began.

That’s not it, students also voted to sever ties with the University of Tel Aviv and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, reported the Santiago Times.

Moreover, South Africa also recalled its ambassador to Israel, Sisa Ngombane, and called out the regime for “violent aggression” and “the wanton destruction of property,” according to the South African.



As Israel continues to subjugate and oppress the Palestinians, it’s about time the world takes concrete steps to put an end to the senseless violence.

Thumbnail/Banner Credits: Reuters, Paulo Whitaker

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