#Boycott_PizzaHut Goes Viral After Company Mocks Palestinian Prisoners

After the company's Israeli Facebook page posted an insensitive ad featuring the image of a Palestinian striker, activists weren't very pleased.

The action of boycotting companies for their political stances isn't new. As a matter of fact, is one of the most peaceful ways to go about changing things in a big way.

Palestinians, who have been notorious for the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement, are now engaging the public in another campaign after Pizza Hut's Israel branch mocked Marwan Barghouti, the leader of the hunger strike taking place among Palestinian prisoners.

On the company's official Israeli Facebook page, an image depicting Barghouti allegedly breaking his hunger strike was posted along with the caption: “Barghouti, if you're going to break a strike, why not pizza?”

The image was released by Israeli prison authorities. Pizza Hut doctored the photo by adding its pizza box sticking out from under the prison bed.

After the ad was made public, countless Palestinians and their supporters took to social media to call for a global boycott of Pizza Hut. They also called for legal action.

Using the #Boycott_PizzaHut hashtag, activists flooded social media with criticism.

Some even created their own graphic by adding prison bars, barbed wire, and a guard tower to the Pizza Hut logo.

After the backlash, Pizza Hut's Israeli Facebook account deleted the controversial and insensitive post. The company also issued an apology, saying that its post was "completely inappropriate."

Ever since April 17, Barghouti and 1,500 other Palestinian prisoners have been on an open-ended hunger strike over medical negligence, denial of family and attorney visits, and other issues.

It is disgraceful that a company made light of such a serious issue, trying to use it for its own gain.

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