Man Wanted To Hire Killer To Hang His Black Neighbor From A Tree

The man was arrested the same day he made a down payment and was later charged with murder-for-hire.


A man in South Carolina reportedly wanted to hire a killer to lynch his black neighbor on a tree and burn a cross on his lawn.

Brandon Lecroy, 25, who is white, lives in a small town of Hodges in Greenwood County. He allegedly reached out to a white supremacists group to hire a hit man. However, before he could actually take someone on board, a private source alerted the FBI.

The organization then launched an investigation and tasked an undercover agent to contact Lecroy. The agent was reportedly offered $500 from the man to kill his black neighbor and also paid a down payment of $100.

“$500 and he's a ghost,” he reportedly told the undercover agent during a phone call.

An affidavit also said that Lecroy told the FBI agent that he might have to hire more people in order to carry out the act. He also reportedly sent the agent pictures of his neighbor.

The man was arrested the same day he made the down payment and was later charged with murder for hire and solicitation to commit a crime of violence.

If convicted, Lecroy could face up to 10 years in prison and a fine of $250,000.

There has been a spike in hate crimes in the United States ever since President Donald Trump assumed office and people of color are being targeted in large number.

In April 2018, a white man reportedly attacked a Muslim woman who was wearing hijab.

The 31-year-old victim is a nurse at the North Cypress Medical Center in Houston, Texas. She said was driving back home from the hospital when a red SUV almost sideswiped her car. When the unnamed victim got out of the car to check for the damages, the SUV driver made a U-turn and pulled over.

In March 2018, deadly parcel bombs killed at least two African-American men in Austin, Texas. One woman also sustained serious injuries after someone left a package outside her home.

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