Brave Counselor Prevents School Shooting By Talking To Student

A middle school counselor prevented a a horrific shooting massacre by merely having a 45-minute conversation with the prospective shooter.

gun and bullets on table

A middle school counselor is being commended for her bravery after persuading a student to give up his gun, thereby preventing a tragic school shooting from occurring.

On Wednesday, a 14-year-old student walked into Molly Hudgen’s office. She became alarmed at some of his remarks and asked if he had a gun. He then lifted his shirt to reveal a gun tucked in his waistband.

Surprisingly, Hudgens kept her cool and after 45 minutes, got the student to surrender his weapon. 

The 14-year-old boy expressed to Hudgens he was having problems at school and confessed he wanted to shoot teachers and police officers — but not students.  During the conversation, Hudgens was able to alert others about the student’s intentions through text.

"She was an amazingly brave person to be in there that long with this young man," Cheatham County Sheriff Mike Breedlove said during a press conference on Thursday. "She was able to diffuse the whole situation."

“He came to her because he indicated she would be the only one to talk him out of it,” Breedlove added.

The student was arrested and charged with possessing a weapon on school property and communicating a threat regarding school staff. 

Not only does Hudgen’s courage attest to her character as an educator, but the student’s willingness and trust in the counselor demonstrates the powerfully positive affect school employees can have on their pupils. 

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