Brave Indian Attorney Goes Viral For Defending Murdered Muslim Girl

The attorney's image is going viral for her bravery after admitting that she has been suffering death threats ever since she took on this case.



After the horrific death of 8-year-old Asifa Bano, a Muslim girl in India, the bravery of her lawyer, an Indian woman, is making waves on social media.

Bano was reportedly strangled to death after being drugged and then subjected to three days of rape involving multiple men. After the case came to light, tensions between the Hindu and Muslim communities in India heated up considerably. But now that her attorney, Deepika Singh Rajawat, was photographed bravely walking toward the press for an interview, she is serving as an example of bravery in a country where women fear for their lives constantly.

Rajawat, who heads an NGO called Voice For Rights that focuses on fighting for the underprivileged, especially women and children, said she will face whatever obstacle to fight on behalf of Bano’s family.


In an interview with India Express, Rajawat admitted that she is afraid for her life after taking the case.

“Today, I don’t know, I am not in my senses. I can be raped, I can be killed, and may be they won’t allow me to practice in court. They [have] isolated me, I don’t know how I can survive.”

Twitter users celebrated the attorney, congratulating her on not stepping down from this fight.




The Independent reported that her colleagues tried to prevent the police from filing the case. The publication also said that no matter what threats they make against her, she refuses to give up.

She told reporters that she wants to “make sure our child gets” the justice she deserves.

While we’re uncertain how this trial could go, we hope that the men behind this horrific case of rape are finally brought to justice and that this serves as a reminder to other would-be rapists that there are consequences for raping and killing.

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