Watch Mass Brawl Break Out Between Passengers Over Flight Delay

The fight, which lasted for a half-hour, allegedly began after a female passenger started ranting about an extended hold up.

Authorities at the Beijing Capital International Airport arrested five passengers following a scuffle over a fight delay on Saturday. The fight reportedly broke out after a woman aboard a Hainan Airlines plane began complaining about the hold up and another passenger tried to confront her.

Video clips of the incident, posted on Chinese social media platform Weibo, show passengers physically assault each other with their bags. A man was also filmed elbowing a female commuter in the face repeatedly.

As the reports suggest, the mass brawl broke out after a four-hour flight delay. An aggravated passenger apparently began swearing at the cabin crew, prompting another man to intervene and blow the entire thing way out of proportion.

The incident took place onboard flight HU7737, originally scheduled to depart from Beijing Airport at 9:50 p.m. and land in Xi'an at 11:55 p.m. local time. Ironically, the fight led to another five-hour delay.

The scuffle lasted over 30 minutes and only ended after local police escorted the perpetrators off the plane. Several people sustained minor injuries.

Authorities are currently investigating the incident.

Unfortunately, incidents of “air rage” are quite common in China.

Earlier this year, passengers smashed an information desk and slapped airport staff at Changsha Huanghua International Airport after their flight was canceled.

Last year, a clash between four Chinese women on a Hong Kong-bound flight almost forced the plane to return to Chongqing. The passengers were allegedly fighting over a noisy baby.

Watch the latest brawl in the video above.

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