Nasty Brawl In Turkish Parliament Sends Two Female MPs To Hospital

A brawl amongst female MP’s in the Turkish parliament that had them punching and slapping one another has landed two women at hospital.

Once again, members of the Turkish parliament have become the center of attention after female politicians got into a fistfight over a bid to give President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's office more control.

Protesting against the idea, one woman handcuffed herself to a rostrum while Independent politician Aylin Nazliaka attached herself to the microphone. As a result of the chaos, the parliament’s deputy speaker had to call for a recess and bring the debate to a halt for around two hours.

Turkish Parliament in Ankara

urkish Parliament in Ankara

A few female politicians got together to urge Nazliaka to end her protest and one legislator took lead and began unscrew the microphone. But things got worse when women from the opposition and ruling parties intervened and began hitting one another.

Aylin Nazliaka

Turkish Parliament

A disabled MP, Safak Pavey, was taken to the ground by a member of the ruling party and she reported that her colleague was “dragged by the hair.”

The video of the row shows the women  tugging at each other’s hair and slapping one another, after which two of them had to be rushed off to hospital as they had received kicks in the chest.

An MP from the ruling party, Gokcen Enc, was accused of attacking her female colleagues, and members of the opposition party demanded that the speaker discipline her immediately. However, she also had to be hospitalized Enc for blows she received on the neck and back.

Things had got out of hand and the situation was rather tensed because of which the session came to an abrupt end. However, the decision of whether more powers will be handed to Erdogan still remains pending and a final vote is expected in a day or two.

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