Broken Promises: Brazil's Olympic Venue Turns Into A Ghost Town

Like other Olympic hosts, Brazil also promised the billions spent on the games would have a positive impact on the local economy. It was all a lie.

The Olympic Village at Rio de Janeiro, where just six months ago the international media and world-class athletes thronged to, has fallen in a state of utter disrepair.

The once-sprawling place that hosted the two-week spectacle is now a ghost town, and the Maracana Stadium is a dark, dingy place because nobody has paid the electricity bills.

The favelas of Rio de Janeiro, which had to be cleaned before the Olympics, have only degenerated. There are streams of sewage cutting across the landscape.

The Olympic golf course was a controversial project because it was built on a wildlife reserve. It is now completely abandoned.

Brazil Olympics Venue

A practice pool has rusted, and the water is now this muddy, swampy color.

Brazil Olympics Venue

The pool inside the Aquatic Center has been drained, except for some unpleasant puddles.

Brazil Olympics Venue

The Carioca Arenas hosted the basketball events.

Brazil Olympics Venue

Panels peel off this building.

Brazil Olympics Venue

This disrepair, this indifference is all the more infuriating because, as in every other place, the Olympics in Brazil heralded development, that ever-elusive ideal.

At the end of the circus and the messages of progress and peace, only poverty, resentment, and crumbling structures remain.

Banner/Thumbnail Photo Credit: Reuters, Pilar Olivares

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