A Breakdown of NH Voters Who Helped A Bigot Win Primary Elections

Voter turnout in New Hampshire not only broke state records, but also managed to jumpstart Trump’s sluggish momentum in the race.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump suffered a real setback when he finished second to rival Ted Cruz in the Iowa caucuses, barely above Marco Rubio. However, the New Hampshire primaries turned the entire situation on its head.

Trump won Tuesday’s elections by a large double-digit margin, coming atop Iowa winner Cruz who somehow slipped down to the third position while Ohio Gov. John Kasich, who was barely considered a part of the race up until now, managed to snag the second place with about 16 percent of the votes.

As the stats indicate, more than three in 10 Granite State voters flocked to support the racist and xenophobic billionaire just a day after he outrageously referred to Cruz as a “p***y.”

“I have so many friends up here. They are special, special people. We love you,” Trump said at his first victory speech, thanking the voters who jumpstarted his momentum in the presidential race. “You started it, remember, you started it.”

Of more than 89 percent of the state’s precincts reporting, more than 35 percent voted for the business mogul.

While it’s a wonder that Trump is still leading the polls — despite being a serial liar, bigot, racist and Islamophobe with a penchant of sexism, this breakdown of the New Hampshire residents who voted for him might put things into perspective.

The majority of the white population, which constituted about 96 percent of the voters, supported Trump. The business mogul also appeared to be a big hit among younger generation and people who have high school education or less.

As far as political views are concerned, at least 50 percent of Trump voters want undocumented migrants to leave the United States while a vast majority also supports his proposal to “temporarily” ban all Muslims from entering the country. Interestingly, about 36 percent of his voters consider themselves to be “somewhat conservative.”

Considering that the establishment remains divided and Ted Cruz wasn’t able to maintain his previous victory, this win is extremely beneficial for Donald Trump.

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